August 26, 2018


“After car accident, back surgery, I have failed back syndrome, severe sciatica, neuropathy soles of feet, meragia (thighs numbness or pain in the outer thigh due to pinched or compressed nerve), I have used Ultram since 1998. First I used it just when required and slowly increased to 2- 3 day and it gives me life. I can keep my pain level at an endurable level and still teach classes, volunteer with seniors, drive car unimpaired. It is important for me. NSAIDs ate my stomach lining away. Tylenol causes heart palpitations. Some patients need this med to keep doing things and not encumbered with horrible sciatica and chronic pain, debilitating neuropathy. No cure for these conditions so must treat!”
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dr Joshua Rothstein
dr Joshua Rothstein
dr Joshua Rothstein, He has over 15 years experience as physician in Dallas Memorial Hospital. He is part of USA-tramadol.com team from last 3 years. He provides fast and accurace diagnose.

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